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Custom made pergola dubai

Get a Chance To Design Your Wood Pergolas in Your Own Way

Want to redesign your ordinary and simple pergolas in your own unique way? Looking for a professional team to do so? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Sofa Shop, we bring the most exquisite selection of custom wood pergolas that can be customized as per your desires.

You can now make a theme decor in your lawn or outdoor area as these high-quality custom made pergolas have the ability to be personalized and will definitely last for years to come. So, whether you desire a seasonal-themed outdoor or an occasional-themed outdoor, our custom made pergolas give you the complete freedom to transform them as per your personal preferences.

Our Custom Made Pergolas will Transform Your Outdoors

Enjoy outdoor living to the fullest with our handcrafted pergolas. These expertly crafted pergolas enhance your outdoor pergola with elegance in addition to offering shade. Our pergolas are made to fit your specific needs, whether you’re searching for a comfortable place to unwind or an exquisite backdrop for outdoor events. With one of our custom pergolas, you can transform your outdoor area into a stylish and comfortable retreat.

custom-made pergola online
Customs aluminum pergola
Custom Made Pergola dubai

We’ve Been Building Custom Aluminum Pergolas for over 25 years

Yes, you heard it right! At Sofa Shop, we’ve been serving our customers with the best and most durable designs of custom aluminum pergolas in Dubai that are indeed a statement mark for their outdoors.

custom-made pergola online
Custom wood pergola

Additionally, our custom made pergola online selection includes an endless variety of bold and sky colors which can be an ideal contrast for your backyards.

Customs aluminum pergola

Get the Best Hand-Made Pergola Designs for Your Villas

Makeover the outdoor areas of your villa with one of our exquisite custom pergola designs. These expertly constructed pergolas are a work of creativity in addition to being useful. Enhance the visual appeal of your villa and design the ideal area for entertainment and leisure outside. Experience the elegance of custom pergola designs that accentuate the architectural features of your villa. Select us to transform your outdoor space with the best custom pergolas.

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We’re the Top Custom-Made Pergola Supplier in the UAE

Serving our customers with the greatest is our first and foremost priority. That’s why we currently stand as the leading custom made pergola supplier in the UAE. We’re always more than eager to help you out and provide you with products that are highly durable and show your personality by meeting the modern interior demands of the UAE.

Custom Made Pergola

Why Choose Us?

At Sofa Shop, we are aware of the particular needs posed by the climate and architectural style of Dubai, thus, we only provide the most luxurious and cutting-edge custom pergolas in the area. Additionally, our pergolas are made to fit your space and fulfill your unique requirements. We place a high value on craftsmanship, making sure that your pergola combines durability with style. From design to installation, a seamless process is guaranteed by our committed team. Therefore, For a pergola that embodies Dubai’s emotions, design, and utility, choose Us.

Frequently Asked qusetion

A custom pergola’s price varies according to its size, composition, and style; nevertheless, a ballpark figure of $3,000 to $10,000 is typical.

If you’re searching for a modern option, then pergola is the only option you can adopt. But if you want complete shade and extra weather protection, a covered patio or pavilion can also be a good option.

A pergola’s longevity is dependent on the materials used; with good care, a timber pergola can last ten to fifteen years, while an aluminum or vinyl pergola can last more than twenty years.

A gazebo is an entirely covered, frequently octagonal structure with a roof, whereas a pergola is an uncovered structure supported by poles or pillars. Gazebos offer whole coverage, whilst pergolas only offer limited shade.