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arabic majlis seating

Arabic Majlis Dubai: Best Furniture For Your Re-Unions!

One of the most predominant parts of Arabic culture is traditional style gatherings usually known as Majlis. Thus, having premium and versatile furniture for your majlis is of utmost significance, especially when you’re residing in Dubai.

To make your gatherings more special and memorable, we at Sofa Shop bring the most advanced and stylish selection of Arabic furniture in Dubai. These furnishings are designed to provide extreme comfort and ease to your guests, thus adding a special value to your Arabic majlis.

Our Arabic Majlis Dubai Seating is a Perfect Sitting Plan For You!

A perfect sitting arrangement is the most crucial thing that affects the overall value of your Majlis thus, it should be something traditional but unique. Our Arabic Majlis seatings ensure that your Majlis are always up to the mark. Moreover, their color tones and textures are always maintained to the something far beyond exceptional. We know that a Majlis is often used as a gathering where several religious and political decisions are made, thus our furnishings are prepared to ideally adapt to several purposes of your Majlis in Dubai.   

We Offer the Most Elegant and Stylish Arabic Majlis Dubai Designs

We are proud to provide the most sophisticated and fashionable Arabic Majlis designs because we understand the importance of your Majlis furniture. Our designs have a cozy, welcoming feel because they combine classic beauty with modern flair. We create Majlis designs with great attention to detail that captures your distinct taste and style.

majlis sofa
arabic majlis

Our designs provide elegance and comfort, whether you’re using them for quiet leisure or to entertain guests. Use our Arabic Majlis designs to update your space with their classic beauty.

Perfect Arabic Majlis Dubai

Have Some Versatility with our Traditional Arabic Majlis Sofa Sets

Your Majlis is literally incomplete without having traditional Arabic Majlis sofa sets in your space. After considering this, we’re dedicated to offering you the best Arabic majlis sofas that are an ideal fit for both religious and traditional gatherings. These symmetrically designed majlis dubai sofas are adapted to any environment and thus tend to be the foremost priority for everyone who sets such gatherings. Additionally, these furnishings are made-to-measure and thus, effortlessly match the interior scheme of your space or Majlis theme. 

arabic sofa

Why Choose Us?

At Sofa Shop, we are the standout option in UAE for a number of reasons. Our in-depth knowledge of Dubai culture and way of life enables us to create Majlis furniture that complements your living areas without looking out of place. We guarantee that there is something for all preferences with our extensive selection of both traditional and modern designs. Our dedication to excellence guarantees gorgeous, sophisticated furniture that is long-lasting and elegant. For the best Majlis furniture that exquisitely enhances your Dubai home, choose us.

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Frequently Asked qusetion

Arabic majlis are traditional sitting areas with floor seats and pillows where people congregate for conversation, socializing, or rest.

Events at Majlis can go anywhere from a few hours up to a long night, depending on what kind of gathering they are.

The Arabic word “Sufra” refers to a floor-level arrangement of seats that is frequently furnished with low tables and cushions.

The Arabic couch, also known as a “Diwan” or “Majlis sofa,” is distinguished by its low height and form which makes it appropriate for the conventional floor seating configuration.